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Sustainability & environmental protection

Many companies like to embrace the label “sustainability”. Inventor of the Coffee2Go made of porcelain, 100% climate neutral, natural product, longevity, tasteless ... Read here how sustainability is lived at Mahlwerck.

2,8 billion disposable cups. This unbelievable number quantifies the number of cups that are thrown away each year in Germany alone. Mahlwerck developed an alternative reusable porcelain cup 13 years ago. In the meantime, the cup has been sold millions of times - saving millions and millions of disposable cups.

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Coffee to go in a reusable cup. An environmentally friendly alternative made of porcelain. It just tastes better.
Sustainable ToGo cups
To-go cup with the Blue Angel

Porcelain, a natural product

white ToGo mug made of porcelain

Porcelain - the heart of our manufacture stands for longevity, sustainability and health!

Porcelain is a natural product. In principle, it can be reused indefinitely. Porcelain is made from naturally occurring raw materials such as kaolin, feldspar and quartz - completely without additives that are harmful to health. 

This is one of the reasons why drinks and dishes made from porcelain simply taste better. 

Bottle ToGo made of porcelain

For love of the environment!


To bee or not to bee.

Hum, hum, hum - whoever participates is not stupid! Together with Mahlwerck and beeswe.love, we make a contribution to species protection.

Mahlwerck has been working 2018 percent climate-neutral since XNUMX - now we have also sponsored a colony of bees. Our customers also benefit from our commitment to species protection, because every product has the certainty that it also contributes to a better coexistence between man and nature.