Snack2Go - Energy on the go.

Snack2Go, the cup made of porcelain to enjoy on the go, for MAN

Energy for the road.

Who wants to eat on the go, always made of plastic or cardboard?

Now bring your own cooked dish with you, leave it in the food stall

fill up or prepare something with simple ingredients.

Enjoy traveling along with you Snack2Go numerous new variants.

Snack2Go Logo - Mahlwerck porcelain
Snack2Go Logo - Mahlwerck porcelain
Snack2Go is the porcelain lunchbox to keep food
Design prices for the lunchbox Snack2Go


Cool and hot.

Whether it's cold or hot dishes, the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and disposable packaging is Snack2Go. With a capacity of 600ml can satisfy any small hunger. The leak-proof lid is held securely on the porcelain body by a silicone band. Lid and banderole can be delivered from 1000 in almost any color. Whether hydroglaze, logo engraving or photorealistic high-level printing: one Refining is - as usual with Mahlwerck - already possible from 250 piece.

Snack2Go, the cup made of porcelain to enjoy on the go, for MAN

This lunchbox fits in our time. The Snack2Go cup has already won numerous awards in a short time and won the hearts of many users!


Award-winning design from Germany

  • Winner of the "brand [ding] Award" 2012 in the field of novelty. In addition to a jury, visitors to the largest Austrian marketing fair decided.
  • Snack2Go is "Kitchen Innovation of the Year" ®: According to the criteria of functionality, innovation, design, sustainability and benefits, the products were assessed and judged by an expert jury. Consumers decided on the award.
  • First Choice Award 2013 of the Promotionworld in the context of the Hanover Fair. Snack2Go convinced the visitors from 90 countries.
  • Nominated for the German Design Award 2014. Just the nomination for the highest award for design from Germany, awarded by a jury of experts, is something very special!

In addition to all the honors, it is particularly interesting that especially the potential users find so much favor with Snack2Go! This is a special opportunity for companies to use a special and meaningful promotional item for their brand communication.

German Design Award - Nominated


Snack2Go brings the food culture back to our mobile world!

Snack2Go means to dine in style on porcelain. And thus, it is the sustainable solution for eating in a modern urban society: an ideal combination of style awareness, ecological action and the demands of modern life.

With Snack2Go, every place becomes the perfect setting for stylish dining on the move: the steps in front of the museum, your own desk or the park bench in the nearby city park.

This mug is indeed a practical and valuable giveaway that is often used for a long time.

Snack2Go with colored logo engraving

For the branding on Snack2Go eg a color-deposited logo engraving is suitable.

Useful promotional item Snack2Go for food storage


Precious and real that meal!

Get inspired by healthy dishes from around the world Snack to Go - for the small meal to take awayto inspire! Delicious, nutritious salads with vegetables and noodles or couscous from North Africa, bulgur from the Orient or rice noodles from Asia: even the cold cuisine has much to offer. And if pasta with sugo or red cabbage with dumplings: just a quick dip into the microwave and there is already a perfect meal.
Snack2Go comes with a book full of recipe ideas!

Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain