Shape 345 - Coffee2Go Large

Coffee2008Go - the original porcelain travel mug since XNUMX!

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Promotional Gift Award for Coffee to GoDesign Award for Coffee to Go nomination

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Inspiration for your coffee to go mug! In our design ideas, we give suggestions on how a ready-made 2Go made of porcelain looks like. Any brand can shine. Whether printed, glazed or engraved - you can request identically designed products directly from our design ideas.

Shape 345 - Coffee2Go Large

Coffee2Go, the original porcelain travel mug! From the inventor of the reusable coffee to go mug made of porcelain! The silicone band protects against heat. It is available in 4 different corrugations for different levels of heat protection. The millionfold proven Mahlwerck 2Go lid sits tightly, is characterized by a very pleasant drinking (no silicone!) And contains - of course! - no harmful additives.
The produced carbon neutral, sustainable to go reusable cup There are now many variants. For example as smaller version of the coffee mug with lid with 0,3 l capacity or as double-walled Coffee to Go Thermo mug (without banderole) with plenty of surface for printing or engraving.

Capacity: 0.4 l
capacity: 0.33 l
Diameter: 90 mm
Height: 130 mm
Weight: 360 g

Material: Porcelain / plastic elastomer / silicone band Banderoles & Lids: Silicone, in special colors from 500 pieces. The standard colors of the bands and lids are white and black. Red, yellow, green, blue and magenta. Swiss-Made! Leak proof, dishwasher safe. Pleasant, stable plastic (no silicone!), Cover in the color of Pantone 1.000 pieces.
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All Mahlwerck finishings are available with orders XNUMX+

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Country of origin: EUCN
EORI number: 69111000
Packing Unit: Single carton
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Available accessories

The Mahlwerck 2Go Lid

Color Profile Art no.
Standard white without closure DC0000
Standard black without closure DC0010
Standard red PMS485C without closure DC0020
Standard yellow PMS109 without closure DC0030
Standard blue PMS279C without closure DC0040
Standard green PMS361C without closure DC0050
Standard Magenta RAL4010 without closure DC0060
Special color - according to customer order without closure DC0070

Silicone bands

Color Profile Width Art no.
Standard white glatt 20mm wide SBC20000
Standard black glatt 20mm wide SBC20010
Standard Red (PMS485C) glatt 20mm wide SBC20020
Standard Yellow (PMS109C) glatt 20mm wide SBC20030
Standard Blue (PMS279C) glatt 20mm wide SBC20040
Standard Green (PMS361C) glatt 20mm wide SBC20050
Standard Magenta RAL4010 glatt 20mm wide SBC20060

Everything for your professional design & layout

Printing surface

Outside printing surface

Pressure surface ground

Engraving area

Standard engraving area: 20 cm²
Extended engraving area: 30 cm²

Outside engraving surface

Design template

Design template for coffee to go mug with 20 mm banderole
Design template for coffee to go mug with 30 mm banderole
You can download them by clicking on the design template

Proven millions of times

The absolutely tight-fitting Mahlwerck 2Go lid is made of a plastic elastomer. It is free of hazardous additives (such as bisphenol A or similar).
The lid can also be reclosed for a small additional charge.

Standard 2Go lid

In white, black, yellow, red, magenta, green and blue
Lid for coffee to go cups in standard colors


Resealable 2Go lid

The perfect 2Go experience. Keeps the coffee where it should stay: in the cup. Always easy to close with gentle pressure.
In white and black.


Coffee to go lid in special colors - Mahlwerck porcelain

Special color? At any time!

Design the lid for your perfect corporate design in the matching color to the mug and motif. Starting with 1000 pieces, you will receive every Mahlwerck 2Go lid in your desired color!

Very close: customer loyalty with Coffee2Go

Many bonus systems require a matrix code (extended QR or barcode) to identify the respective user. The closure flap is the ideal place for it! By laser etching the code is even dishwasher safe!

Now it works! The intelligent Mahlwerck 2Go lid with RFID chip

For pawn and bonus systems, the Mahlwerck Coffee2Go is also available with a permanently installed chip. An alternative is to integrate the chip in the lid. This should be the first to-go lid that can store eg credit!

A good grip

Banderole for the Coffee to Go mugThe silicone 2Go bands are available in two different widths and four different corrugations for different degrees of heat protection.
By default, the "standard" banderoles and lids are available in white, black, red, yellow, green, blue and magenta.
We will inform you about the possibilities of Coffee2Go accessories in our webspecial.

Smooth silicone band

Banderole without ribbing on averageStandard banderole coffee to go

Silicone band with nubs
One-sided nubs on the band in cross-sectionBanderole Pimples Coffee Mug to Go
Ribbed silicone band
One-sided ribbing in banderoles cutBanderole ribbed for Coffee to Go
Double ribbed silicone band
Banderols: Two-sided ribbing on averageBanderole ribbed for Coffee to Go