Piggy bank Spixxy - form 336

Extravagant piggy bank as promotional item

The modern piggy bank made of porcelain

Saving is more popular than ever, but the design of the traditional piggy bank is getting a bit old. Curtain up for the two piggy banks with their completely new design. The artist Frank Hruschka has created two timeless, simple piggy banks made of porcelain on behalf of Mahlwerck Porcelain, which are second to none. The advantages as a promotional item and giveaway: • A porcelain piggy bank is a loyal companion in life. Advertising effect practically guaranteed! • 2 sizes, for the big and small budget! • Unique design with an unmistakable character • Exclusively from Mahlwerck Porzellan, known for the coffee-to-go cup made of porcelain • Many design options: partial decor, full-surface hydroglaze and elegant logo engraving! Pay attention to the difference between ceramic and porcelain. High quality piggy banks are always made of porcelain!

Piggy bank Spixxy - form 336

Modern times require modern savings. Here is Spixxy, the large version of the porcelain design piggy bank. We have completely redesigned the classic porcelain or ceramic piggy bank. It looks especially great when it is completely glazed in color. Provided with a logo engraving, it will be the perfect promotional item and giveaway when it comes to saving in any form!
The modern piggy bank!

Content: 250 €
Height: 140 mm
Weight: 520 g
Depth: 120 mm
Width: 148 mm

Material: Porcelain

Choose finishing

Define a refinement for the promotional item as the basis for the further design! After that, you can add more options.

White, unprinted form without finishing
Ceramic glaze, full-surface and scratch-resistant gastro quality , dishwasher-safe. Is burned in at very high temperatures and is therefore not available in all colours. Many HKS or Pantone colors.
High-resolution photo and raster motifs in offset quality or photo quality , dishwasher-safe, scratch-resistant and durable, free of harmful substances, gold and silver available
Well suited for full-tone line print motifs , dishwasher-safe, scratch-resistant, free of harmful substances, gold and silver available
What ideas do you have? What ideas would you like to realize on porcelain? A lot is possible, challenge us!
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Country of origin: EU
EORI number: 69111000
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