Positive engraving on porcelain, cups and mugs

Porcelain with deep engraving - Mahlwerck
Cup with engraving and silico pads - Mahlwerck porcelain
Mug with lid and engraved logo - advertising on porcelain

Positive engraving on porcelain

A positive engraving creates an inverted relief effect on the white porcelain. Contrary to classic engraving a logo is released in the case of a positive engraving. A noble way to present the motif on porcelain.


  • Possible on all porcelain shapes and glasses
  • absolutely scratch-proof and dishwasher-safe
  • looks very noble
  • reverse relief effect on a positive engraving
  • low cost, therefore excellent cost-benefit effect


  • Engraving is only possible outside


  • from 250 pieces
  • our standard prices refer to an engraving area of ​​20cm²
  • larger areas, also circulating, are possible

Other variants of engraving are colored logo engravings or Standard engravings.

Choose coffee cups or mugs and request them with a positive engraving

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Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain