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Sustainable reusable cups for on the go: the ecological coffee to go cup made of porcelain

Printed with a logo, the Coffee To-Go reusable cup is not only a cult cup, but also a ecologically particularly sensible promotional item. That's why the Coffee2Go mug made of porcelain is extremely popular with consumers and a suitable promotional gift for sustainable companies. This is also confirmed by numerous awards, advertising and audience awards as well as many well-known brands whose company logo now adorns our coffee to-go cups.

This is not a wonder. Because big brands also attach great importance to high quality and sustainability when it comes to advertising materials. You know: With coffee-to-go Your company logo appears in the right light for promotional mugs from Mahlwerck.

Advertising on porcelain - not everyone has this reusable cup

The design of many porcelain shapes, coffee mugs and cups was developed by Mahlwerck itself. So too our coffee to go cups made of porcelain. Mahlwerck invented the first 2Go cup with a lid back in 2008. When in July 2021 the Making disposable cups from single-use plastic has been banned across the EU, the coffee to go reusable cup from Mahlwerck was already 13 years (!) old.

Printed, engraved & glazed - the travel mug

Your promotional item should be ecologically sensible and sustainable? Then have high-quality Coffee to Go promotional mugs printed, glazed or engraved with your own logo! In addition to the quality of the material, the products from Mahlwerck's 2Go family are tasteless, stylish and have an excellent ecological balance sheet! Let our Design ideas for coffee to go mugs ! Discover the diverse and high quality finishing combinations, with which we put your company logos and motifs on our mugs in the limelight.

Do you need an offer or do you want to order a reusable cup? Inquire about our Coffee to Go cups and printed design ideas simply and without obligation via the respective product page. We will be happy to advise you if you have any questions>

2Go advertising cups: this is a lived mobile lifestyle

Our range of to-go coffee mugs is diverse: Small or large, standard or thermal mugs, coffee or espresso mugs - there is a variant for every application. the Coffee2Go Wave comes as a printed coffee mug a great promotional item for events. with Snack2Go or the Bowl with lid you are the trendsetter for food on the go. As a small logo mug with a colored design and a scratch-resistant print, the Coffee2Go Mini or Espresso2Go mug are perfect to support a modern brand image. The To-go thermo mug can even be printed all around with a photo! The popular Smoothie2Go is an individual and modern promotional gift with engraving. And tea is best enjoyed with a felt sleeve and the special lid from the Tea mug Tea2Go.

Coffee Mug to Go for Printing - Promotional Product Award

Avoid disposable cups - with printed Coffee to Go cups from Mahlwerck.

Our reusable cup is produced in a sustainable and climate-neutral manner. But that's not all. Everyone loves their coffee to go. But unfortunately they are Cardboard and plastic disposable cups are a huge environmental problem, in contrast, the reusable cup made of porcelain is particularly sustainable and makes an important contribution to the environmental protection. At Mahlwerck this applies in two ways! Because with us all promotional items produced in a completely climate-neutral way. The printed coffee to go mug has the potential to become your customers' favorite accessory. At the same time, the reusable cup ensures a sustainable and positive image transfer for your brand.

100% climate neutral - really sustainable promotional items

Even when The premium manufacturer of printed cups is a pioneer in environmental protection in the promotional products industry. Because we work since January 2018 completely climate neutral. As a company, with printed 2Go reusable cups from Mahlwerck, you set a particularly strong example for responsible use of our earth's resources. In addition, are Espresso to go, Tea to go and the ToGo thermo mug extremely durable promotional items. So the CO2-neutrally produced promotional items are also one Partner Response to the disposable cups & plastic ban.

Order coffee to go reusable cups privately

In our online shop you can find our Now you can also order reusable coffee to go cups privately>