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Promotional mugs to be printed on: ideas from the premium manufacturer!

As a Gift and promotional items have coffee cups experienced a real boom in recent years. Colored with glaze and engraving, printed with a logo or even printed in offset quality as a photo mug - Mahlwerck's style icons can do more than just give-aways. For many companies, our Mugs and cups become real brand ambassadors. Success gives that attractive promotional mugs right: they are quickly becoming the favorite cup of many users. They drink theirs Coffee or tea from beautiful cups, because the drinks taste particularly good from them. At work, in the office or at home - the Cups are used frequently and for a long time! There are now many Mahlwerck logo cups from well-known brands are even real collector's items, because they cannot be bought in 'normal' stores.

The porcelain of the brands for advertising & merchandising

They are special Porcelain ambassadors for your brands through our exclusive finishes with engravings, glazes and prints. Most of these highlights are on the promotional items dishwasher safe. So that the dishes survive several hundred washes without major damage on the surface.

We consider high quality printed cups Premium manufacturer from Germany particularly important. We have something for every application in our brand advertising advertising:

Gastro tableware - particularly robust everyday suitability

Always in use and still looking good? On it is Branded Catering designed - that printed porcelain tableware for gastronomy and catering. Here we recommend dishwasher-safe finishes such as a ceramic glaze or engraving.

30 years of experience in printing, glazing and engraving of coffee cups

With over 30 years of experience as a premium manufacturer, Mahlwerck is the Specialist for the refinement of porcelain. From simple logo printing to elaborate combinations of multicolored transfer printing, glazing and engraving: Many finishing techniques were developed in the Mahlwerck Manufactory or applied to porcelain for the first time. Customers from every industry benefit from the individual design options.

Have cups printed - premium promotional cups from MahlwerckHighlights for your promotional items

Does your brand stand for glamor or does your brand focus on understatement? Regardless of how your brand is positioned - with our refinements we design it for you perfect promotional item. Here are a few examples of eye-catching finishes:

Do you want to see what is possible with printed porcelain? You will find lots of inspiration for your individual promotional porcelain in ours design ideas.

Advertising on porcelain - not everyone has that

The design of many porcelain shapes, coffee mugs and cups was developed by Mahlwerck itself and is therefore only available from the inventor of the porcelain coffee to go mug. These >Mahlwerck Uniques<Emphasize the individuality of each company and help the long-term success of the advertising media!

Our Tableware for brands is also used with special editions in retail and catering. Porcelain is a fundamentally different material than ceramic: harder, higher quality and above all: white. Printing cheap ceramic cups is not part of Mahlwerck Porcelain's repertoire.

Really sustainable promotional items - 100% climate neutral

Even when The premium manufacturer of printed cups is a pioneer in environmental protection in the advertising industry. Because we work Completely climate-neutral since January 2018. As a company, with your Mahlwerck printed cups you are sending out a strong signal for responsible use of our earth's resources. In addition, printed coffee cups are extremely durable promotional items. That's how they are Promotional items produced in a CO2-neutral manner also one ideal answer to the disposable cup & plastic ban.