Mugs and cups for printing and engraving

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The specialist for printing on advertising cups and promotional cups

Mahlwerck Porzellan is the premium manufacturer for Advertising on porcelain in Germany. More than 5 million Mahlwerck cups and mugs serve as indispensable advertising media every year.

Cups and cups with pressure have experienced a veritable boom as gift and promotional items in recent years. Advertising mugs and promotional cups, beautifully finished with a logo on it high quality porcelainHowever, today, they are more than a simple ad, as experience shows. Many companies have recognized that mugs and cups are becoming real brand ambassadors by printing. And they succeed: Attractively printed mugs & cups become real favorites for their users and are therefore used particularly intensively! Lots of grinders promotional mug, promotional cups and of course the Coffee To-Go reusable cups made of porcelain are now real collector's items.

But what makes the special?
On the one hand the design, - the form, as the porcelain maker says. Many Mahlwerck porcelain forms are specially designed, their design is protected and the cups and cups are only available from Mahlwerck Porzellan.
These >Mahlwerck Uniques‹ – printed with a company logo – help every company to have an individual appearance.

On the other hand, there are countless possibilities Customize cups and mugs. Logo mug design ideas give you a first impression of what is possible!

Engrave and print coffee cups with logo

Mahlwerck is the Specialist for the refinement of porcelain, Many refinement techniques were developed in the Mahlwerck manufactory or applied for the first time on porcelain.
Print cups, scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe: monochrome, multicolored or in photorealistic offset quality, partial surfaces or all around.

Bright colored cups: all Pantone® colors are possible. Particularly durable are the colors of the ceramic glaze, baked at least 850 ° Celsius!

Promotional cups with engraving: particularly clear and deeply engraved, the Mahlwerck logo engraving differs greatly from its competitors. Colored engraving on a colored coffee cup emphasizes a logo.

100% climate neutral

Sustainability is trendy and that's a good thing. For us, ecology was part of our conviction from the very beginning. We have been producing 2018% climate-neutral since 100. Thus, from start to finish, our promotional products have an excellent record in terms of environmental protection and waste reduction. In this way, your brand will also use our advertising media to support the preservation of the earth.