Form 275 - serving plate »1st level«

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Form 275 - serving plate »1st level«

The very modern designed platter 1st Level, Form 275, also ideal for use as a sushi plate, has an anthropomorphic, asymmetrical shape, so it goes well with other table decorations, whether classic or modern. The serving plate made of high-quality porcelain is very thin, just six millimeters, yet stable, but in no way appears fragile and filigree. You can cut it with a knife as you would on a plate, without leaving any scratches. A slight base approach makes this serving platter appear to float. To make such a thin porcelain object of this size, you need special craftsmanship. 1st Level is a very elegant sight on every table!

Width: 265 mm
Depth: 180 mm
Height: 6 mm
Weight: 540 g


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Country of origin: EU
EORI number: 69111000
Packing Unit: 6 carton

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