Shape 352 - Softpad Mug

Design cup with a great mix of materials

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Softpad cup - cup with pad for printing

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Inspiration for your coffee cup! With our design ideas, we give examples on how ready-made cups and cups from Mahlwerck porcelain look like. Any brand can shine. Whether printed, glazed or engraved - you can request identically designed products directly from our design ideas.

Shape 352 - Softpad Mug

Design cup as a brand ambassador

Softpad Mug: intelligent mix of porcelain and silicone! The pad of the cup works as a built-in coaster, which avoids scratches on high-quality surfaces. Due to the different colors of the pad (from 250 in the color of your choice), in interaction with printing, engraving and glaze, very interesting and unique design cups are created! This mug is available exclusively from Mahlwerck Porzellan!
Design: Family Gyro Gear

Capacity: 0.35 l
Diameter: 85 mm
Height: 105 mm
Weight: 360 g

Material Porcelain / silicone Standard colors of the soft pads:
black, white, gray (Pantone 7544C) and red (Pantone 485C)

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All Mahlwerck finishings are available with orders XNUMX+

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Country of origin: EUCN
EORI number: 69111000
Packing Unit: 6 carton
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Available accessories


Colour Profile Art no.
Standard white Burl 1SPB0000
Standard black Burl 1SPB0010
Standard gray (Pantone 7544C) Burl 1SPB0011
Standard red (Pantone 485 C) Burl 1SPB0020
Special color Burl 1SPB0099
Featured profile 1SPB9999
Standard tire profile 1SPB1010

Everything for your professional design & layout

Printing surface

Outside printing surface

Engraving area

Standard engraving area: 20 cm²
Extended engraving area: 30 cm²

Design template

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Data preparation

Colorful and diverse!

The material mix of silicone and porcelain combines two haptic and visual opposites: the soft, cuddly and matt silicone and hard, shiny porcelain. Already from 250 piece you can order the silicone pad in your desired color!

Coaster silicone pad for modern cups

Show profile!

Individual forms such as tire profiles or your logo can already be realized from 1000 piece.

Silicone SoftPads with profile for cups - Mahlwerck porcelain

Available decorative surfaces:


Interior decor on the side

Ground mark outside