Vorderansicht eines Werbe-Bechers mit Velvety


Form 151, Kaffee-Becher mit Logo Gravur als Werbeartikel


Velvety, as this new type of refinement is called, makes porcelain into a sensuous experience. It has an indescribably different feel: soft as velvet, slip-proof, reminiscent of rubber lining and yet the finger slides across its surface without any resistance.


  • aesthetic enrichment of the surface of a porcelain piece with a very unusual matt quality
  • amazing tactility
  • great combined with logo engraving and hydro glaze
  • dishwasher-safe
  • attention-grabbing branding, which appeals to several senses at the same time
  • possible in conjunction with decorative print


  • not possible on white or very light glazes
  • limited scratch resistance
  • only available full-surface on the whole cup exterior, no partial surfaces


  • with orders of 250+