Swarovski Crystallized

Detail: Kaffee-Becher mit Swarovski Crystallized


Form 345, Coffee2Go, Swarowski-Crystallized, als Werbeartikel


Swarovski Crystallized

Special light reflections: Made of CRYSTALLIZED™ — Swarovski Elements.
The high-quality crystals are attached by hand and compounded permanently with the porcelain.



  • accents given by individual crystals or entire motifs from different-sized Swarovski crystals
  • special light reflections
  • dishwasher-safe, but hand washing is recommended
  • pure elegance
  • possible in conjunction with decorative print


  • relatively expensive, depending on number of crystals


with orders of 250+
  • approx. 30 different crystal colours available
  • 4 different crystal sizes
  • possible on all porcelain designs