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Tableware with logo in small quantities - Mahlwerck porcelain

Branded Catering

Promotion sets with individual logo engraving

Small runs, individual logo engraving - these are the new promotional packages from Mahlwerck Porcelain. Smaller companies can also equip their conference room or a coffee lounge with branded dishes. But this tableware is also ideal for the brand appearance of small restaurants and bars.

The promotion sets:

  • Promotional set Tom: 50 pieces from the Tableware series Tom with engraving
  • AquaPack with engraving: 3 water bottles and 36 cups with engraving
  • GranitPack: 24 coffee and 24 espresso cups with engraving

Small series of crockery with logo for offices and restaurants - Mahlwerck porcelain

Promotion package Tom with engraving

You have the choice between 18 items from the Tom tableware series

Host your guests in the office, hotel or restaurant with dishes in your corporate identity. This tableware series in a harmonious design is suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With chic Mahlwerck engraving, you can now combine it in sets of 6 from a minimum quantity of 50 pieces.

Special offer:

  • 50 parts from the Tom series
  • Standard size engraving
  • Packages in sets of 6

You can out Select 18 parts for the Tom series. Of course, you can also order a larger number of items.

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We offer:


All Promotional packages are in the respective editions in combination with a noble engraving, Even small bars, offices or start-ups can shine with individual tableware.

Offer engravings on cups - Mahlwerck porcelain

Water bottle with mug and engraving Logo Set Aqua - Mahlwerck porcelainAquaSet: 3 water bottles and 36 cups with engraving

AquaPack with engraving

Everything on porcelain

Water bottles and cups are actually only known from glass. At Mahlwerck, they are available as an eye-catcher for every table in a porcelain version. The porcelain bottle even fits commercial water aerators. This set also includes an individual logo engraving.

Special offer:

  • 3 water bottles
  • 36 cup
  • Standard size engraving

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Granite set with engraving

Porcelain & trendsetter surfaces

The Granit tableware series combines porcelain cups and saucers with a granite look. With an individual logo engraving you make a modern brand statement with this tableware series.

Promotion package:

  • 24 coffee cups
  • 24 espresso cups
  • Standard size engraving only on the cups

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Coffee cups and espresso cups with logo engraving in small editions for catering and officeSmall edition: 24 espresso cups & 24 coffee cups with your logo

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