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  • Ausgabe 12

    Mahlwerck Catalog as a Flipbook

    Catalog 2019 – The Brands’ Porcelain for promotion, merchandising & catering. Mugs and Cups made of high quality porcelain for printing or engraving with colorful glaze!

  • general
    Coffee-to-Go reusable Cups Alternatives

    Reusable Cups: The Alternatives

    Coffee-to-Go cups are everywhere these days. There is a feverish search for alternatives to disposable cups. Suddenly, cups made of bamboo are appearing all over the place. At first glimpse, they promise a clear conscience when it comes to the environment. But for years, there have been warnings. What exactly is all the fuss about?

  • Ausgabe 12

    Porcelain Top Seller by Mahlwerck Porzellan

    Top Seller 2017 of Mahlwerck Porcelain, the creator of the original Coffee-to-Go-Mug made from porcelain.

  • general
    Farbiger Fotodruck auf Porzellan Tassen und Becher

    Color printing on porcelain

    These days, everyone knows that 4-color printing on paper offers a precise technique for displaying logos, colors and images in photorealistic quality. Virtually every true color can be simulated through the color separation of cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). Magazines, books, brochures and even this Magalog put their trust in this “super standard” of the printing industry.

  • general

    Travel Mugs – Original Coffee to Go by Mahlwerck Porcelain

    Coffee2Go on porcelain has inspired many imitators. Imagined by Mahlwerck Porcelain in 2009, it appealed to customers across the world, received the Promotional Gift Award and was nominated for the German Design Award.

  • Issue 8
    Die Fußballtasse im WM Jahr 2014

    Football Fan Mug

    The Football Fan Mug for the Year of the World Championsship

  • general
    Produktsicherheitsgesetzt - Bodenmarken bei Porzellan sind nun zwingend erforderlich

    Germany’s Government passed new Product Safety Law

    On 1 Decembre 2011 a new law on product safety took effect in Germany, implementing an amending law that had already been passed in 2008 on a European scale. Due to this amendment we can only provide promotional items that have either an engraved or printed label on them.

  • Issue 7

    Drum Shots: Manu Katché plays

    We know the drums as a rhythm-producing instrument of a band. Manu Katché is exempt from this: His unforgettable drum sound does more, adding a colorfully rhythmic note to everything. The musician, whose parents are from the Ivory Coast and France, became known in Germany thanks to his successful music series »One Shot Not« on Arte (until the start of 2012). In France he’s found an even wider following as the critical judge of the televised singing competition show »Nouvelle Star.«

  • Issue 7
    Mahlwerck unterstützt den Verein für Fortschritt Rosenheim

    Anything Goes: the non-profit organization FortSchritt Rosenheim

    There are things that are just worth it to do – this is the philosophy of Mahlwerck. With this in mind, when it comes to social involvement, Mahlwerck searches for projects that are simply worth the support. The company was able to find something in Southeast Bavaria: The private grammar school Inntal for children with and without disabilities – a truly valuable vision.

  • Issue 7

    The Artist Frank Hruschka

    Frank Hruschka is a special artist. There aren’t any others like him in today’s German art world. Or maybe we should say: there can’t be any others like him?

  • Issue 7

    Making of Spixxy & Spixxyli

    The shape of the new piggy bank from Mahlwerck Porcelain was created by Dresden artist Frank Hruschka. After the design phase, with many drawings and some models, the little pigs had to be prepared for production.

  • Issue 6

    The Service Manufacture

    Each cup made of natural porcelain is one of a kind and a little different from all the rest. Just as every order we receive has it‘s own challenges. In the Mahlwerck factory, more than 100 nimble hands ensure the perfect look of logos and designs on porcelain. Whether it’s the exact company color, the right positioning or the perfect depiction of photorealistic motifs, this quality is second to none. A special quality control representative ensures that it stays this way for every job!

  • general

    Trend-Workshop with Lidewij Edelkoort

    This article is available in German only!

  • general

    Color Trends 2013

    Fashion has more to do with wall colors than you might think! – This, by all means, is what we found out during our research on the color trends 2013. For it is astounding how the different influences come together again and again and strengthen the overall trend.
    This is an observation that takes into account various sources, industries and uses to provide as broad an overview as possible. We have summarized the color trends into themes.

  • general

    The easy Way to your Promotional Mug

    Alongside excellent quality, Mahlwerck Porcelain considers service to be a top priority. This is because projects can only be implemented in a perfect and simple way when there is a consistent emphasis on service.

  • Issue 7

    Delicacies for the Eyes and Ears

    The extraordinary speakers from the Danish start-up Libratone are cable-free and stylishly simple. They’re dressed even more elegantly than the queen in colorful cashmere that’s both noble and unique. On the heels of the stationary speakers Lounge and Live, Libratone has now launched the portable version Zipp.

  • general

    Soft toys – one of a kind

    It’s what we all dreamed of when we were children: that our self-made, self-devised masterpieces could suddenly become “real” cuddly soft toys. And now Child’s Own Studio is turning this dream into a reality.

  • general

    “Greener” isn’t possible!

    Naturally, we’re big fans of things with a long life span, things made of high quality material that can be used again and again. But there are occasions and moments when disposable dishes can’t be avoided.

  • general
    Origami Furoshiki Tücher


    The Japanese love origami and beautiful things. Furoshiki cloths are a combination of both. You can use them as scarves, to bind your hair or to wrap gifts and bento boxes. Furoshiki can even be knotted and used as a practical bag. Just like with origami there is a separate set of directions for every way to best fold the cloth.

  • general

    iPhone Art

    Art changes life. And life changes art. iPhones and iPads have become such a fixed part of our modern urban life that they now – as is to be expected – have found a way into art and are revolutionizing the artistic process.

  • general
    Award winning promotional Produkt Snack Box marke[ding]-Award for Snack2Go

    marke[ding]-Award 2012

    This article is available in German only!

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