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Have coffee mugs printed in many different waysThe coffee cup has experienced a veritable boom as a promotional item in recent years. As the practice shows are beautifully finished logo cups made of high-quality porcelain more than a simple advertising medium. For a company, you become a true brand ambassador with a long-term impact. For the many users attractive advertising cups become true favorite cups! And many Mahlwerck cups with print are now real collector's items, because you can not buy them in the> normal <trade.

Promotional cups from the premium manufacturer

If you want to print mugs, you are spoiled for choice: there are so many ways to create a unique cup design. Printing with company logo, engraving or coloring, printing or engraving on white or colored cups. There are no limits to the ideas.
Do you want to print cups as promotional items or are you looking for a promotional idea that will work for a long time? Then you are exactly right with these forms of high-quality porcelain. With scratch-resistant print, colored and deep engraving, promotional cups become real favorite cups!

Printing, engraving & glazing for cups

A cup printed with logo, colored glazed and detailed engraved is used for a long time. It's a special way to differentiate yourself from competitors with a give-away!
Watch out for the Mahlwerck Uniques! These forms are only available from Mahlwerck Porzellan! (eg The Softpad Mug or the High Conference)