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Mahlwerck Porzellan, the premium manufacturer for the printing of mugs and cups, is particularly well-known as the inventor of the coffee to go cup made of porcelain, Coffee2Go, as well as offering innovative finishing techniques. From this design cup, a whole family has developed: the Coffee to Go variants MINI, Lux and Thermo, in addition Smoothie2Go, Tea2Go and Snack2Go.
These mugs arrive:

Coffee2Go received the Have the mug printed - Mahlwerck porcelain logo mugPromotional Gift Award 2010 and was nominated for the Design Award Germany 2010
Snack2Go received the marketing award 2012, was awarded as kitchen innovation of the year 2013, nominated for the design award Germany 2014 and convinced the visitors of Promotionworld from 2013 countries at the First Choice Award 90.
The Mahlwerck 2Go cups are rarely available on the market. This makes them especially popular with users. Many brands are already using the sustainability factor of the Mahlwerck to Go promotional mug.
New is Smoothie2Go, the smoothie glass cup with the tight-fitting Mahlwerck 2Go lid. A great cup for other drinks!
Printing a tea mug or coffee mug is in some cases simply more modern than printing or engraving a mug.
Think about what suits your brand the most!

Cup vs mug: the little difference!

What is a mug anyway? The oldest drinking vessel is basically a cup without the handle. The advantage when printing in comparison to the cup: You can print in one color or multi-colored with a logo or a photo on the mug, without the handle in the way. all around print. Or glaze the color of the whole mug (colorize) and engrave it with a logo. Or combine various printing and finishing techniques. There are no limits to the possibilities.