Cappuccino and Espresso

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Print espresso & cappuccino cups

In restaurants, in hotels, in the canteen or at the Italian restaurant around the corner there is a lot of going on for the dishes! Espresso & cappuccino cups have to endure countless wash cycles, long-term use and some occasional crashes. Of course the catering tableware should still look good!

We have designed our catering series especially with regard to the rough everyday life. Shock resistance and dishwasher suitability are a matter of course. The design is timeless and modern, with its clean lines and straight lines fresh and pleasantly light. These series meet all demands on modern tableware.

Espresso & Cappuccino cups can be printed by Mahlwerck Porzellan.

Attaching a logo by means of engraving works within an entire coffee cup setEspresso & cappuccino cups for printing - Mahlwerck porcelain especially elegant. Or you bring your own decor to a whole series. Dishes that can nowadays be scratch-proof, food-safe and, of course, dishwasher-safe. We are happy to advise you regarding all finishing options!

Printed, with glaze & engraving

The espresso and cappuccino cups can also be used as logo and advertising cups. Just think of the many espresso and cappunccino drinkers who celebrate their daily hot drink. Browse through our design ideas, be inspired by the cups with printing, glazing and engraving.