Personalized & handmade


Whether a colorful coffee to go mug, a cool retro or a colorful jumbo mug. With personalization you give the expressive design of our lifestyle products an individual touch. This gives you a personal, high-quality and sustainable opportunity to give away joy for every opportunity.

Strong performance

Modern tableware for the catering industry

It couldn't be more individual. As a premium manufacturer, we have been branding cups and mugs for well-known brands and small companies for more than 30 years. From an edition of 250 pieces you will receive your own design and a free choice of shapes for cups, mugs and tableware.

Treat your guests in the office, hotel or restaurant with tableware in your corporate identity.

Tableware for professionals from the gastronomy

Limitlessly creative
Limited Editions & Uniques

We are always developing new shapes and surfaces that you have never seen before. For example the coffee to go mug, polygon-shaped cups or a crocodile and snake look for porcelain. You won't find it anywhere else! Our designers are constantly creating new cup concepts. You can get these here exclusively in a limited edition. Each piece is individual, handcrafted with its own edition number. Just like our unique items from the Freaky Jumbo Cups line!