Porcelain coffee filter, Pearl White, size 4

Hand filter, pearl white, glossy, 1x4, size 4

29,90 €

Product number: 265 – 100

Climate neutral

Food safe


Dishwasher safe

Made in EU

Porcelain coffee filter

Hand-brewed coffee from a porcelain coffee filter is currently experiencing a major revival. And rightly so. With a little practice and the right type of coffee, you will get a delicious result in terms of taste. Combined with the extravagant shape of the sustainable hand filter, the traditional preparation method gets a modern look. The stylish shape of the coffee filter comes directly from the Mahlwerck Manufaktur design department. Ideal as a gift for every coffee lover.
Diameter: 135 mm
Color: Pearl White
finish: high gloss
capacity: 550ml
Weight: 530 g
Height: 110 mm
Material: Premium porcelain
Set size: Individually
Style: Classic, Maritime, Modern, Nordic, Vintage

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