En route with the original: Coffee2Go

Coffee to Go mug with photo print - Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck Coffee-to-go mug in hand

On the go with style -
only the original goes along!

The original porcelain coffee-to-go mug by Mahlwerck

Promotional Gift Award for Coffee to Go

Coffee2Go, the original.

Already 2009 was presented the coffee-to-go mug made of porcelain by Mahlwerck. Not only did he find favor with customers from all over the world, he was also sure of the Promotional Gift Award. The nomination for the design award Germany 2010 followed. Since then, this design mug has "inspired" many similar products.

But only the original offers you these advantages:

  • tight-fitting lid, swiss-made of plastic elastomer
    (No silicone!)
  • no toxic / harmful additives in the lid, free of plasticizers (bisphenol A / phthalate)
  • pleasant drinking (no silicone in the lid!)
  • high quality quality brand porcelain
  • producer in der EU
  • all elements of Coffee2Go are reusable and dishwasher safe!
Design Award for Coffee to Go nomination

The original porcelain coffee-to-go cup is available in large and smallsmall (0,35l) and large (0,5l) available

The trend product for our time!

From the world of advertising and gift items Coffee2Go is indispensable:

  • known and sought after by users
  • sustainable, environmentally conscious carbon neutral
  • Coffee to Go reusable instead of disposable cups
  • lived »mobile lifestyle«
  • special as well as meaningful promotional item
  • for modern brand communication

Coffee2Go - just the way you want it!

Printing, glazing, engraving, playing with colors: Finishing is already possible from 250 pieces: standard transfer printing, logo engraving, flock decor or personalization are the favorite enhancements of our Coffee2go customers.

Coffee to Go mug with photo print - Mahlwerck porcelain form 345

Photo-realistic print in offset quality, scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe:
High-level transfer printing

Original coffee to go porcelain mug with scratch-resistant print

Printing in strong single colors, scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe: standard transfer printing. Also in matt and shiny

Small areas (logo printing) or all-round printing

Original coffee to go porcelain mug with engraving

Logo engraving and positive engraving as a single application or in combination with pressure

»Tell entire stories, print attractive motifs or place a succinct logo. The large decorative surface can be permanently scratch-proofed and dishwasher-safe. That's how you make smart advertising with promotional items today! «

Coffee to Go - Advertising with special promotional items

Coffee 2.0:
natural, modern and good for our environment.

High quality materials meet in thoughtful Design on the modern lifestyle of the 21. Century. Because Coffee2Go made of high-quality porcelain is not only trendy, but also sustainable. And thus an ideally contemporary promotion article.

Coffee2Go is and remains the ecological alternative to plastic and disposable cups!

Harmless to health: cover, band and thermo insert are free of harmful additives such as phthalates and bisphenol A.

On the way in style.
And good conscience.

  • Coffee2Go is the sustainable solution for enjoying coffee on the go
    in a modern urban society
  • the ideal combination of style awareness, ecological action
    and the demands of modern life.
  • many international brands are already using the sustainability factor
Alternative to plastic - the coffee to go mug made of porcelain
German environmental aid

Here you will find current
Information material of the German environmental aid

on the topic of coffee-to-go cups

To you, your company and your customers:

Options & Accessories

From the world of advertising and gift items Coffee2Go is indispensable. A lot
Trim levels allow you to customize Coffee2Go for your purposes.
(In the background you can see the three different standard banderoles for different heat protection)

Do you have any more ideas?
Talk to us! Individualized solutions are our hobby!
Phone + 49 8031 - 2747-24

Lids & banderoles, colorful and individual

standard cover

  • Swiss-made of plastic elastomer
  • Standard colors: white, black, red, yellow, green, blue and magenta
Lid in standard colors for coffee to go

Lid custom-made

  • Lid with closure in standard colors: white and black
  • from 1000 St. in individual colors as special order

Plastic lid with closure for the Coffee2Go mug in standard colors

Lid in individual colors and custom-made coffee to go
Coffee to go with standard banderole

Standard band

  • In the colors: white, black, red, yellow, green, blue and magenta
  • Smooth surface
Colored banderole mug - Coffee to Go customizable


  • From 500 pieces in individual colors
Plofil Banderole for Coffee to Go - Mahlwerck porcelain


  • Standard colors: white, black
  • From 500 pieces in individ. colour
  • From 1000 piece with desired profile
Banderole with embossing for coffee to go

Embossing band

  • Colors on request
  • From 1000 piece
Extra leather band for coffee to go

leather bands

A particularly noble and unusual variant for the Coffee2Go family. Follow the very trendy retro trend of high quality products like cameras. A lasercut of the logo is possible.


The felt band offers particularly strong insulation. Available colors are available on request. Laser logo (left cup) and laser cut (right cup) are possible.

Printed banderoles

A simple and at the same time popular refinement of the standard banderole is the individual printing with the company name, logo or the web address.

Felt bands for coffee to go

The Mahlwerck2Go Family

Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain