Coffee-to-Go reusable system Mugcircle

Coffee to Go reusable porcelain system

coffee output

1. ? The visitors receive a coffee specialty of their choice in a porcelain cup cleaned to the highest standards.

Barcode capture

2. ? The Coffee2Go cup has a barcode printed on it so it can be scanned at the time of issue by hand scanner.

Enjoy coffee

3. Every visitor to the fair can stroll around relaxed with a coffee to go. In all four exhibition halls there are cafes to deliver the cup or fresh coffee to refill!

Return machine

4. "TOMRA take-back machines are also set up at the exits. They are specially adapted to the Mahlwerck 2Go cup, the return of the cups is also recorded there.

Return the mug

5. "The cups can also be delivered to any café. The redemption will be recorded again.

sophisticated logistics

6. "The cups are picked up from a certain amount of cafés and vending machines and taken to the central rinsing station, where they are cleaned to the highest hygienic standards.

Mugcircle mug cloud

7. The Mugcircle central computers in the cloud are constantly connected to all cafés and vending machines. Each issue and withdrawal is registered. Pickup and delivery will be arranged automatically.

The professional
Coffee-to-go reusable system

The reasons for reusable

Let's do it a bit soberly and entrepreneurially. A "place setting" disposable-to-go cup with lid costs about 10 cents. In Germany, 320.000 disposable cups are consumed per hour while enjoying coffee on the go. Life on average about ten minutes. This short bet causes costs of 32.000,00 Euro. Hourly. Every day we are already at 768.000,00 Euro. And at the end of the year, someone with disposable cups over 280 has earned millions of euros. Nothing of the material can be reused, everything ends up in the trash. The bill pays the environment and ultimately our society.

Per day over 750.000, - € are simply thrown away!

Pfand Coffee-to-Go reusable cup on the PSI 2018 by Mahlwerck

The coffee-to-go pawn cup for the PSI 2018 with printed barcode. The fair has only worked with these reusable cups!

"Our goal is disposable cups
as far as possible through one
better alternative to replace. "

Tobias Köckert, Managing Director Mahlwerck Porzellan

PSI Sustainability Award Logo
Winner PSI Nahhaltigkeits Award

It is time,
to change that!

Especially a B2B fair is the right place for it. Here, decision makers and multipliers meet each other. People who have a responsible job in dealing with customers and employees every day. People who come up with something new every day and who also have a decisive influence on the product range in the market.

Portrait Michael Freter, Managing Director PSI GermanyThe Promotional Product Service Institute (PSI) with its 6.000 members has recognized the signs of the times and has been striving for years to new standards of sustainability to introduce in the promotional products industry, for example with the PSI Sustainability Award, Now, at the annual PSI fair, there will be an extensive event Reusable system for coffee-to-go cups introduced. "We at PSI We want to go a step further and to our visitors throughout the fair - in every hall! - a café with excellent and free Fairtrade coffee to offer. Exclusively with reusable cups, The Coffee2Go cup from our long-time café partner Mahlwerck Porzellan has proven itself at the trade fair. Mahlwerck has developed his ideas for reusable systems very well in recent years. Since it is obvious to stride together to other deeds! Michael Freter, Managing Director of PSI, explains the way to a joint project.

Mahlwerck porcelain: Tobias Köckert

Tobias Köckert, owner of Mahlwerck Porzellan, adds: "At the last PSI, we served portions of coffee over 3.600. In only one hall. Several cafés require much more effort. Nevertheless, we were immediately inspired by the idea! Because here is the possibility, our concept of a reusable system for cities and towns as a pilot project to install. We show that a professional reusable solution for coffee cups absolutely possible in Germany! "

Mugcircle, the name of the reusable cup system, is based on the Mahlwerck Coffee2Go. This mug of porcelain lasts almost forever, is robust and completely tasteless, The specially developed lid gives a pleasant drinking experience and is already proven millions of times, The branded, scratch-resistant print enables durable, dishwasher-suitable labeling and design.


Mugcircle collects the used cups from the individual catering establishments.

the Spüle

Mugcircle ensures that the cups in the vicinity are hygienically flushed in accordance with the HACCP standard

spread out

Mug issue against pledge


Beaker Returns in the same company, in another company, at the vending machinegegen Deposit, balance, receipt
Reusable Coffee to Go deposit system in practice
Reusable deposit system Coffee to Go with porcelain cup

The system at a glance

In each of the four fair cafes visitors can pick up a free coffee. 5,00 Euro deposit is required for the cup (less than its production costs). The Issue of the mug is from a Software registered, The return is also possible at these four cafes. Here you get too the pledge back, In addition, at the entrances and exits of the fair are known from beverage markets Reverse vending machines Installed. They were created by Tomra, the Norwegian world leader in this industry, specially adapted to the Mahlwerck Coffee2Go. When returning the machine at the fair, however, something special was integrated: you get in this particular case, the pledge is not back! Rather, the users donate directly to UNICEF! One more opportunity to do good!

All Return points communicate online with the Mugcircle software. Once enough used cups have been returned, the software releases one pick up order out. By muscle power, the cups are then brought to the central scullery, where they are cleaned to the highest standards of hygiene. Fresh cups are then automatically delivered to the cafes when the software reports a low local inventory.

The scalable reusable system

Mugcircle, that can be recognized immediately, works not just at a fair. It can be easily on communities, big cities or even with the big mobility companies apply throughout Germany. Finally it became just for that developed. The political will in some places, unfortunately, not yet fully visible. But the feedback from many individual market participants is excellent. Consumers are ready, even demanding. Entrepreneurs, bakeries, cafes see the need and can take over the system at no extra cost compared to disposable products. It creates jobs and enormous, and saved a great deal of waste and resources!

Coffee to Go reusable porcelain system
Coffee to go again use porcelain

Finally over with the daily To-Bo-cup-madness!

Mugcircle is the ideal solution. Tobias Köckert never tires of advocating this sustainable way: "We have to finally get going! Reuse is the most neutral way to enjoy on the go. If only on a small scale: every step is a good start to avoiding waste! "

Reuse instead of recycle

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Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain