Lovingly designed:
Porcelain specials for trade and commerce

B2B porcelain merchandise 2020 - Mahlwerck specialist and retail

Porcelain cups and mugs for trade and commerce - Mahlwerck

Lovingly designed

Porcelain specials for trade and commerce

The B2B Mahlwerck range for trade and commerce includes lovingly designed cups, mugs and reusable 2Go products. We offer specialist and retailers gift items in extraordinary designs. Discover our latest lifestyle accessories - inspired by the latest trends in fashion, design and living.

  • The reusable Coffee2Go mugs and Snack2Go bowls are real style icons - Mahlwerck Uniques, which you can only get here
  • suitable for every retail shop and customer - black and white, colorful, patterned, funny, ...
  • ecologically sustainable - all products are produced carbon neutral
  • the offer is aimed only at commercial customers (specialist & retail, bakeries, ...)
  • all products are available from 6 pieces


Cult objects with high utility value

for specialized traders, retailers and businesses

Advantages of our 2Go products:

  • Reusable mugs and bowls made of high quality porcelain
  • Already sold and tested millions of times as an advertising mug
  • tightly closing plastic lid
  • suitable for traveling, at home and for the office
  • conveys modern and mobile lifestyle

2Go porcelain cups fit into our time! Because the Coffee2Go travel mug and the Snack2Go bowl transports a mobile, sustainable and modern attitude to life! Let your shop also benefit from the contemporary ToGo travel products from Mahlwerck Porcelain.

Coffee to Go Boho Mandala Motif for retail - Mahlwerck

FORM 345 - Boho motif

Capacity: 0,40 l - Height: 130 mm

Boho motif in gold or black

Lean back and relax
Coffee to go mug with boho motif

  • Boho motif on Coffee2Go travel mug Large available in gold or black
  • tight fitting Mahlwerck 2Go lid "Swiss-Made"
  • Knob sleeve for good heat protection
  • printed in transfer printing
  • each motif available from 6 pieces

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Welcome to Miami
Coffee to go with a tropical motif

Filled with tea, coffee or hot chocolate, our coffee to go cups are the ideal companions for the whole year!

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Specialty goods Coffee to Go mug Motif Miami - Mahlwerck porcelain

FORM 345 - "Tropical" motif

Capacity: 0,40 l - Height: 130 mm

Coffee to Go "Tropical" in two colors: pink and black

Snack mug with lid to go with Boho Motif - Mahlwerck specialist retail

FORM 339 - Boho motif

Capacity: 0,55 l - Height: 110 mm

Boho motif in gold or black

Porcelain mug with lid
Snack2Go with boho motif

  • Boho motif on Snack2Go Lunch bowl available in gold or black
  • leak-proof lid with silicone sleeve
  • printed in transfer printing
  • environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and disposable packaging
  • each motif available from 6 pieces

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Retro mug TinMug
with cheeky sayings

  • Motif "Gscheidhaferl", "Wuide Henna" and "Schlawiner"
  • TinMug Vintage cups made of high quality porcelain
  • printed in transfer printing
  • each motif available from 6 pieces

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SHAPE 787 - Retro Cups

Capacity: 0,40 l - Height: 130 mm

with cheeky motifs

Porcelain water mug with engraving mug - Mahlwerck B2B

SHAPE 342 - H2O engraving

Capacity: 0,15 l - Height: 75 mm

Engraving H2O motif

Extra stylish
Small porcelain mug with engraving

  • Porcelain water cup
  • with noble H2O engraving
  • chic alternative to water glass
  • goes well with fine wine glasses or as a water cup with espresso
  • available from 6 pieces

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Striking, inconspicuous, noble
Porcelain water bottles with engraving

  • Porcelain water bottles
  • Soda Water engraving
  • noble alternative to the carafe for water
  • available from 6 pieces

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Porcelain water bottle - B2B from Mahlwerck

SHAPE 283 - Soda Water engraving

Capacity: 0,70 l - height: 250 mm

Porcelain bottle with engraving "Soda Water"

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