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True (porcelain) love:
Tradition meets modernity.

Since the beginning of the company's history, Mahlwerck Manufaktur products have come from a single source. This expertise from more than 30 years of experience not only made it possible for Mahlwerck to continually develop new, revolutionary designs - his passion for porcelain and great attention to detail have already resulted in numerous award-winning designs. Because perfection is more than the sum of its parts.

At the time when the first porcelain factories emerged in Europe - especially those in Meißen in the 18th century - a few spelling reforms had not yet been carried out and the tool for painting was the Mahlwerck. It comprised the brushes, plates, mortars, pestles, paints, spatulas and everything that went with it to apply the ornate patterns to the porcelain. When we started realizing our own creations with exactly the same tools in 1991, we called ourselves Mahlwerck.

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