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The perfect appearance for your brand ambassador

From simple understatement to cheeky freshness, from unique design language to casual 2GO: The decisive success factor for the image of your brand is the perfect look. Whatever suits you - we ensure the right appearance!

Discover our limitless design diversity and the whole world of brand impact. The following design examples offer you orientation and inspiration on the way to your individual brand ambassador.

FORM 351

Capacity: 0,35 l - Height: 90 mm

"Conference" mug
with white engraving

Clear understatement

With a white relief on white porcelain you convince with restrained elegance. Particularly well suited for tough everyday gastronomy. The finishing is available from 120 pieces and is particularly dishwasher safe.

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Catchy colors

Choose exactly the tone of your corporate identity between all Pantone® and HKS colors and put your logo in the limelight with an elegant relief engraving.

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Vintage look mugs with logo - Mahlwerck porcelain

FORM 787

Capacity: 0,30 l - Height: 85 mm

Retro mug TinMug
with hydro & engraving

FORM 140

Capacity: 0,33 l - Height: 100 mm

Modern mug with
Hydro & engraving blind embossing

Less is more!

Blind embossing, similar to high-quality letter paper, is also possible on porcelain. In connection with any Pantone® and HKS color. Dishwasher safe.

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Colored accent

Parts of an actually white engraving can be deposited with any Pantone® and HKS color. Your porcelain brand ambassador looks even more interesting in connection with the basic color.

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FORM 151

Capacity: 0,45 l - Height: 100 mm

Jumbo cup with
Hydroglaze, engraving & colored engraving 1c

Cups with logo engraving and CI colors mixed materials - Mahlwerck porcelain

FORM 352

Capacity: 0,35 l - Height: 105 mm

Softpad mug with
colored engravings 2c &
Pad in special color

Material mix

Your CI colors can not only be displayed on the porcelain, they can be repeated in the silicone softpad. This is also particularly practical as a built-in coaster for the cup.

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Retro - but happy

If retro matches your style, we would be happy to develop an all-over pattern. With just two inks, beautiful layouts can be displayed on coffee to go cups, for example.

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Retro look coffee to go mug with logo - Mahlwerck porcelain

FORM 345

Capacity: 0,40 l - Height: 130 mm

Coffee2Go mug with
Full decor 2c, silicone band standard &
Lid with closure

Individually designed coffee to go mug with company logo - Mahlwerck porcelain

FORM 345

Capacity: 0,40 l - Height: 130 mm

Coffee to go mug with
High level print 8c, silicone sleeve in
Special color & lid with lock

Completely styled

A Coffee2Go mug not only has its surface ready for individual design, but the lid or the heat protection sleeve can also be designed to match the color. All-over printing is seamlessly possible with any number of colors.

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Great concept

Brand communication with support: the silicone sleeve in special colors ensures a harmonious appearance. The porcelain coffee to go mug ideally supports your company's corporate identity.

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Coffee to Go mug in corporate identity - Mahlwerck porcelain

FORM 467

Capacity: 0,35 l - Height: 120 mm

Coffee2Go Wave with
Logo print 2c, silicone sleeve in
Special color & lid with lock

Coffee To Go mug with photo quality motif - Mahlwerck logo mug

FORM 349

Capacity: 0,30 l - Height: 130 mm

Coffee2Go mug with
High level printing 5c ​​&
Lid with closure


Brilliance in offset quality: The motif develops its full effect on a generous surface and is not disturbed by the transparent band.

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Communicated transparently

Branding through and through, good grip: thanks to the transparent band, the motifs in the lower cup area of ​​this Coffee2Go cup are also clearly visible.

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FORM 467

Capacity: 0,35 l - Height: 120 mm

Coffee2Go Wave with
High level print 8c, sleeve translucent
& Lid with closure

Many more design ideas

You couldn't find your desired layout? No problem! Browse through our design ideas and choose a branding that corresponds to your ideas. Hundreds of layouts are waiting for you, which we have already been able to implement for our customers. Whether modern, traditional or dynamic and youthful - the right layout is guaranteed to be waiting for you here!

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Mahlwerck porcelain

Mahlwerck porcelain