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Form 270 Jogi Eisbecher

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Jogi, the ice cream bowl, Shape 270, is a fresh approach to an unusual promotional item. Because who doesn’t like ice cream? Yogi gives you every opportunity to be seen often and remembered positively. For example, getting ice cream for the office. (A set with logo for the whole team? The signor in the gelateria will be amazed!) Or to store, serve and enjoy ice cream, yoghurt or other desserts. But wait a minute. Why only desserts? Of course, Yogi is also an excellent container for layered salads or small starters!


Business Spa aus Porzellan

In Asia, it is considered good etiquette to get a small, warm towel at the table or for refreshment. The Business Spa, shape 271 takes up this excellent idea! Surprise your guests at the next meeting with this extraordinary set of porcelain. In combination with the enclosed towels, you will conjure up an incomparable feeling of freshness! Simply fill the small pitcher with pure, hot water and add a drop of aromatic oil, depending on taste. The towel is put into the bowl in the form of a drop. The guest slowly infuses the drop with water and immediately a hygienic, moist towel swells up. A new, beautiful ritual to make your office life more refreshing, harmonious and stylish! The Business Spa is available either completely in white, with a light green or mystically dark blue glazed bowl.


Porzellan Schüssel Kyodo

Smoothly curved in profile, with a shape that features rounded edges, the Kyodo bowl, shape 285, is reminiscent of the great elegance of Japanese Zen archers. Its graceful shape makes it ideal for presenting snacks, but also visually emphasises the enjoyment of soups, pasta and rice dishes.


For Mahlwerck Porcelain there is a fantastic opportunity to try something new every year! The cup “Siliconálley”, Shape 280 (small) and Shape 281 (large), was created in cooperation with an Australian designer. Unlike most Mahlwerck cups, the handle is not made of porcelain, but of solid silicone. Honestly, have you ever seen a cup like this before? The actual cup shape is kept simple and therefore easy to print on. The motif or brand logo can be displayed in a way that is fairly free of distortion. The handle is reminiscent of designs by Eileen Gray, but also of various Bauhaus designs.


Form 272 Vase Bonsai

Always fresh herbs: Bonsai, Shape 272, is not just any vase. Bonsai is the kitchen vase! Of course, it can be filled with flowers, but it is also perfect for rosemary, parsley, lemon balm and so on! The two openings are particularly practical, making it easier to remove the herbs. The contents of about two different commercial herbal bundles fit into one opening. A perfect and elegant solution for every kitchen.


Form 199 Poly Becher

Lines and edges are a very special eye-catcher for porcelain. Poly without handle, Shape 199, fully exploits the possibilities for porcelain through the complex manufacturing process in isostatic pressing. The reduction of the surface area to polygons creates interesting reflections and, especially with a coloured hydroglaze, creates a particularly valuable and elegant impression! Poly allows you to represent all facets of a brand. Poly thus becomes an unforgettable, unprecedented giveaway and puts your brand where it belongs: at the very top.

Servierplatte aus Porzellan 1st Level


The serving platter 1st Level, Shape 275, featuring a very modern design, is ideal as a sushi platter. It has an anthropomorphic, asymmetrical shape and is also suitable for other table decorations, whether classic or modern. The serving platter made of high quality porcelain is very thin, just six millimetres, yet stable. Despite this, it does not appear fragile. You can cut on it with a knife, as you would on a plate, without creating scratches.

A light base makes this serving plate appear to be almost floating. To produce such a thin object of this size from porcelain requires special craftsmanship. 1st Level is a very elegant sight on any table!

Coffee2Go, the original from the inventor of the Coffee to go mug made of porcelain!

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