Transfer decoration standard

Detail: Werbe-Becher mit standardmäßigen Transfer-Druck


Bedruckte Werbe-Tasse - Blue Lies Clouth

Transfer decoration standard

Solid and robust. Finely-scanned motifs or images with colour gradients are not suitable. Dishwasher-safe and scratch-resistant.


  • all surfaces of a cup are printable
  • gold and silver also available as real precious metal preparations
  • scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe
  • free from harmful substances (inspection certificate by Hansecontrol available on request subject to a charge)
  • well suited for full-tone colour line print motifs


  • not all HKS® or Pantone® colours are possible
  • certain colours contain precious metals (e.g. many pink and magenta-like colours) and are therefore subject to a not insubstantial surcharge
  • less suitable for photo-realistic motifs
  • optimum colour transfer is only on white porcelain


  • with orders of 250+
  • full-surface decoration or only partial decoration in logo size