Relief print

Porzellan wird durch Bedrucken zum hochwertigen Werbeartikel: Beispiel Reliefdruck


Porzellan als Werbeartikel bedrucken, glasieren und gravieren: hier Reliefdruck


Relief print

Interplay of light and shade through tangible raised colours.


  • interplay of light and shade
  • relief colours alone or in conjunction with base colours
  • tangible raised colours
  • dishwasher-safe
  • scratch-resistant
  • free from harmful substances (inspection certificate by Hansecontrol available on request subject to a charge)
  • well suited for full-tone colour line print motifs


  • relief colours only available in white or light pastel tones
  • not suitable for subtle patterns, thin lines or small typefaces


  • with orders of 250+
  • full-surface decoration or only partial decoration in logo size
  • print also available on the interior, on the handle or on the exterior base