Positive engraving

Detail: Ein Motiv auf einer Werbe-Tasse in Positiv-Gravur


Form 352, Softpad-Mug mit Logo-Gravur und Softpad als Werbeartikel

Positive engraving

White relief on white porcelain: pure understatement. The most affordable, and most elegant, way to present a motif on porcelain.


  • possible on all porcelain designs and glasses
  • also possible on the handle
  • completely scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe
  • looks particularly sophisticated
  • reverse relief effect
  • low costs, therefore outstanding cost-effectiveness


  • engraving is only possible on the exterior


  • with orders of 250+
  • our standard prices are based on an engraving surface area of 20cm2
  • larger surface areas, even all-round, are possible