Logo engraving with coloured background

Detail: Werbetasse mit Hydro-Glasur und Farbig hinterlegter Logo-Gravur



Logo engraving with coloured background

Naturally white-coloured logo engraving can subsequently be dyed in all Pantone┬«┬ácolours. Even together with hydro glaze. And of course it’s dishwasher-safe.


  • heightens the effect of white logo engraving
  • all Pantone┬« or HKS┬«┬ácolours are available
  • also possible on the handle
  • dishwasher-safe


  • hydro glaze is not 100% scratch-resistant and as a result not appropriate for demanding everyday catering use


  • on orders of 250+
  • all Pantone┬« or HKS┬«┬ácolours, metallic, gold and silver colours