Ceramic glaze interior

Gruppenansicht mehrerer Werbe-Tassen mit Keramischer-Glasur innen


Form 151, Tee-Bacher mit Kermamischer-Glasur als Werbeartikel

Ceramic glaze – interior

Tested thousands of times. The most consistent way to bring colours to porcelain. Scratch-resistant and dishwasher-safe.  The big advantage is that ceramic glaze also allows for colour on the interior of the mug.


  • scratch-resistant and suitable for demanding everyday catering use
  • fired at a temperature of 850°C
  • cup can be completely coloured
  • dishwasher-safe
  • high-gloss surfaces


  • not all colours can be used
  • colour effect must be assessed in individual cases
  • certain colours contain precious metals (e.g. many pink and magenta-like colours) and are therefore subject to a not insubstantial surcharge


  • with orders of 250+
  • many Pantone® or HKS® colours


Mahlwerck Porzellan: keramische Glasur Standardfarben